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Saint Street was founded in 2008 by a small team of creative strategists & writers. Some smart folks. Some crazies. Nearly 14 years in, we’re still delivering on client marketing solutions and ambitious campaigns for successful companies — and continuing to have fun along the way. Right down the street from Mickey. Orange County, CA. U.S.A.


Compatibility Survey

Whether your marketing budget is $100 or $1,000,000, selecting a new agency to help you invest it is a big deal – a big deal for the client who has to intrinsically trust the agency, and equally important for the agency who wants to ensure the prospective client is committed to good work. Simply, we need to make sure the proverbial glove fits.

To help kick-start the client/agency cross-evaluation process, we’ve created a Compatibility Survey. One part Tinder. Two parts LinkedIn. Painless, and will only take a minute or two to complete. Here goes…

Which adjective best describes your brand?

How often do you think about “winning?”

When was the last time someone raved about your products or services?

I would rather eat __________ than deal with another marketing agency that is full of *hit.

Our current marketing materials and digital campaigns inspire people to ________.

We want to move on from our current agency because __________.

We aspire to be _________.


Hopefully that wasn’t too painful. And good news: our algorithm says we should talk. Possibly even meet up in person over a glass of rosé. A plate of shrimp. At the very least, let’s connect.

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We are a boutique agency – which means all eight of us work on every clients’ business in some capacity.

We will never just present one idea, or concept, or way of doing something. (See bullet below.)

We love to debate. And, we always encourage our clients to challenge our ideas & strategies.

Because we work with companies that hail from such a wide spectrum of categories (from make-up to non-profits to snacks to resorts), we have a vast understanding of how different companies market themselves. What we learn from one, we leverage for another.

Marketing and technology are always changing/evolving, so we make it a priority to stay on top of what’s going on, and push our clients to the front of the line to trial new channels, tactics, etc.

We range in age of 21 to 52. This is an important strength. We understand men and women, younger and older, traditional and modern, snail mail and SnapChat, etc.

We have generated strong results working with budgets of all sizes ranging from non-profits and start-ups to Fortune 500 guerrillas.

We enjoy spending time analyzing Google Analytics dashboards. Even those of us that look “cool” are serious nerds. Which makes us cool.

We will say no to a prospective client. It happens, and is never comfortable. But we believe in what we believe in and that is unquestionably a strength in our minds.

We enjoy the process just as much as the outcome, and when it comes time to celebrate, we do.

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Client Love


“Saint Street has delivered on everything we needed, and everything we’ve asked for. They’ve been invested in our success since Day 1.” – Kevin Clinton, Sr. Director of Marketing, NVISION Eye Centers

“The Saint St. team is smart, productive and they make work fun and interesting. They know how to be creative, and also know that what they do has to generate qualified leads and profits pretty quickly. Time and again they have delivered for us.” – Roy Bingham, Chairman/Co-Founder – BDS Analytics

“Saint Street not only comes up with big ideas, but they execute on them as well. Never once have they disappointed, and certainly have had plenty of times where they could have. They’re definitely an agency partner that makes my life easier knowing they’ll get the job done.” – Renee Heath, Digital Marketing Manager, B&G Foods

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